Deeptech innovation & venture studio

About us

Independent innovation and venture studio based in Norway. We specialise in leveraging deeptech such as DLT/Blockchain and AI to tackle real world problems.

Since 2016, Alpha Venturi brings together with a wide range of partners from startups, enterprises, open source tech ecosystems, research and academia to drive applied research and innovation initiatives and incubate new ventures.

Alpha Venturi was founded and is managed by Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda

Our focus areas

  • Decentralised Digital Trust: Enable data storage, sharing and intelligence with web3 based governance, security and e-privacy.

  • Smart and clean energy transition: Democratising ownership, financing and access to Distributed Energy Resources (Solar PVs, Batteries and others).

  • Climate neutral and citizen centric cities: Plan and reward adoption of new solutions to reduce CO2 emission based on verified proof of impact.

  • Circularity, Digital Product Passports and as-a-service models - Applicable to Smart energy assets like solar PVs and batteries, clothing items and others.

  • Regenerative Finance: Leveraging Web3 and Decentralised Finance to fight climate change.

  • Data Economy and the Economy of Things: Monetising data and orchestrating programmable IoT / machine-to-machine payments.

Track record

          • Engaged by Norges Bank, The Norwegian Central Bank, to run a research oriented experiment to explore the potential of enabling Blockchain-based M2M payments with a future e-Kroner CBDC.

          • HOLONI is a suite of digital solutions leveraging AI and Blockchain to help cities assess the potential for rooftop solar generation and surplus and reward automatically prosumers based on their verified contribution to local green energy. HOLONI was prototyped in 2022 in collaboration with Copenhagen municipality.
          • In 2021-2022, Alpha Venturi led the HOLONI consortium with ENERGINET, the Danish Transmission System Operator, as one of the winning finalist of a EU wide competition called aimed at reducing CO2 emission in cities with the help of AI.

          • IOTA Foundation, leading feeless and green public Blockchain not-for-profit launched in 2017: Global Business Development Director role from inception in 2016 to 2021. Heading Smart Energy ecosystem, partnerships including ENGIE Lab and ENERGINET and PoC initiatives such as H2020 on local energy markets and smart green charging together with ENGIE, Jaguar LandRover and ENTRA Eiendom.
          • Launch partner and Steering commitee role in the Blockchain Research Lab at the University in Oslo (UiO). Organisation of the first launch workshop in 2021.
          • MyData & eHealth Report delivered in 2017 for the Norwegian Centre for ehealth Research and the Norwegian ministry of eHealth a report exploring the potential for Blockchain in the space of eHealth and Personal Data Management.

          • Blockchain & eHealth ecosystem in 2016-2017. Organised events and facilitated a series of open workshops involving the EU commission, Norway HealthTech, Oslo Cancer Cluster and stakeholders in the Blockchain, MyData and Health from both private and public sectors.

How we work

  • Applied Research & Innovation - We facilitate the co-creation process and design of deeptech-enabled solutions, drive business model innovation and coordinate the development and evaluation of proof-of-concepts.

    • Venture Incubation - We support corporate and startup ventures leveraging advanced technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and AI with market validation, operating model, go-to-market strategy, business development and the coordination of multi-stakeholder demonstration projects.

    • Management-for-Hire - For the right venture initiative, we can step into Executive Management role: Strategy, Business Development and partnership management.

    Oslo, Norway

    +47 92 20 29 18